What is Network Performance?

The service quality in the network is expounded as the network performance. It is measured by the dynamic and the submissive methods. Dynamic methods are very intrusive but it is not the approximate value. The submissive methods have a very low network but it is deployed in the generation of network projects. The following is information is useful for the observation of to write the parameters used to measure network performance.

How to monitor the network performance?

  • Allocations of bandwidth
  • Provision of quick service, rotation of network operators have to speed up
  • To determine the time features, the data has to be calculated and it is useful for further tendencies
  • Real-time traffic graphs
  • Create a determination and operation types for the highly developed and complex networks
  • Assist with the content filtering and website jamming
  • A user interface such as graphical, web, and console
  • It is used for rate restrictive and traffic shaping
  • Alerting the user by sending notification when the data usage is extra

Below, our research experts have highlighted some QOS parameters for the network layers which are helpful for the research scholars.

How to Write the parameters used to evaluate the network performance

QoS Parameters for Network Layers

  • MAC LayerThroughput
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Communication Range
    • Transmission Reliability
  • Network Layer
    • Routing Robustness
    • Path Latency
    • Congestion Probability
    • Routing Maintenance
  • Application Layer
    • Data Novelty
    • Data Resolution
    • Response Time
    • Detection Probability
    • System Lifetime
  • Coverage Maintenance Layer
    • Coverage Maintenance
    • Coverage Robustness
    • Coverage Percentage
  • Connectivity
    • Average Path Cost
    • Network Diameter
    • Connectivity Maintenance
    • Network Capacity
    • Network Diameter
  • Physical Layer
    • Rely upon the potential of sensor elements such as
    • Data Processing
    • Elements of Communication
    • Sensing
  • Transport Layer
    • Bandwidth
    • Cost
    • Reliability
    • Latency

Hereby, we have listed down the significant factors which are helpful in the evaluation process of network performance.

What are the factors to evaluate the network performance?

  • Assessment of Quality
    • It is supportive to convert the subjective approach into objective parameters
  • Decomposability
    • Various application divisions for all the QoS
  • Scalability
    • The variation of mechanism scale from 100s to 1000s of nodes
  • Need for New Metrics
    • Developing networks may result for novel performance metrics
  • Wireless Environment

The overall processes of measurement of network performance have to be monitored as per the factors used in it. By using that process only the coherent result will be produced. Our experts have shared an easy idea to find out or to measure the network performance that is the result of latency, throughput, jitter, packet loss, etc., might lead to the result of the network performance using ns3 simulation. For more details reach our ns3 research team.