Wireless Sensor Network Projects

Wireless Sensor Network Projects

Wireless Sensor Network Projects is a prominent wireless technology communication in network. We use wireless sensor network to transmit data. We offer wireless sensor network thesis for M.Tech students to control the power of utilization and increase security level in wireless communication. We implement thesis to find a solution to enhance network lifetime & minimize energy consumption based on Springer papers.

Types of Wireless Sensor Network Projects

WSN routing protocols:

We developed more than 90+ projects with WSN routing protocols and categorized as:

Hierarchical protocol:

To get efficient WSN communication we require sensed data to transmit for sink node which achieved by selecting cluster node:

  • Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH).
  • Hybrid energy efficient distributed clustering (HEED).
  • Power efficient gathering in sensor information system (PEGASIS).
  • Energy efficient homogeneous clustering.
  • Threshold sensitive energy efficient sensor network (TEEN).
Process of Multipath Routing Protocols

Wireless sensor network projects:

We categories wireless sensor network for academic based on location as:

Underwater WSN:It composed of many nodes and vehicular devices. We deploy needed amount of nodes in water.

Terrestrial WSN: It contains various WSN nodes. We provide dependable communication in dense area. By various limitations this network easily lost its battery life.

Multimedia WSN: This WSN is required by audio, video & image based application to track events. By abundant amount of energy usage we transmit signals which create high bandwidth.

Mobile WSN: We provide lot of sensor node which acts as static node. We sense, compute & communicate with other mobile node by vast communication.

Underground WSN: It is positioned in a mine or curve to track environmental conditions.

Types of Routing Protocols Used in WSN Projects

Challenges Faced in NS3 Vanet Projects:

  • Provisioning of QoS.
  • Bandwidth consideration.
  • Individual privacy among vehicles.
  • Security to vehicle.
  • High connectivity among network.aMultipath protocol projects:We construct route by single path & multipath routing. In multipath we maintain N- no of little path from source to destination.
    • Disjoint path routing protocol.
    • Braided paths.
    • N to 1 multipath discovery.

Location centric protocol:

By this protocol, we calculate distance among sensor node and estimate energy consumption of each node. We categories this protocol as:

  • Geographical & energy aware routing (GEAR).
  • Trajectory based fore coding (TBF).
  • Geographical random forwarding (GERAF).
  • Bounded voroni greedy forwarding (BVGF).
  • Small minimum energy communication network (SMECN).

Data centric protocol:

By this protocol, we send data from source to destination node.

  • Energy aware data centric routing (EAD).
  • Active query forwarding in sensor network (ACQUIRE).
  • Directed diffusion.
  • Sensor protocol for information via notation (SPIN).
  • Rumor routing.

Mobility based protocol:

We implement mobility node in WSN to built route from source to mobility sink node.

  • Dynamic proxy tree based data dissemination.
  • Scalable energy efficient asynchronous dissemination (SEAD).
  • Data rules based protocol.

Future enhancement:

Based a simulation protocol and communication in WSN we provide an efficient solution to solve the various issues in WSN.