In networking, wireless is a medium to share digital information among users/devices in the absence of physical connectors. Instead of wired cable, it uses electromagnetic radio or microwaves to establish a connection between sender and receiver. This article is about the up-to-date Wireless Communication Project Ideas and future research challenges!!!

As mentioned earlier, wireless communication is a data transmission mechanism from node-to-node or node-to-multimode in a network without using any direct links. By the by, the information is passing on between source and destination which is located in a restricted distance. Just to let you know the important facts of wireless interaction, we listed the following.

What are the main characteristics of Wireless Communication? 

  • Placement and Selection of Access Points
  • Deployment Configuration and Schemes
  • Wireless Network Card / Interface Configuration
  • Wireless Network Security Threats and Challenges
  • Network Performance Tuning and Monitoring Essentials

In a wireless system, there is no limit in network size but the connected small devices have limited bandwidth. Because of this, many challenges may occur and some of them are QoS, mobility, data rate, user/data security, signal fading, decreasing size, and cost. Now, we can see a few of these issues in detail.

What are the Research Challenges in Wireless Communication?

  • Security
    • Security is a major problem that takes place in every application so it requires strong defense techniques against network attack
    • Also, make concern on energy consumption while designing secure protocols or algorithms  
  • Use of Specific Protocols
    • The protocols like IEEE 802.11 (WLAN) and IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) are used in the home environment to connect home appliances.
    • For deploying protocols, it requires high energy and computing capacity but the sensors have limited capability. So, it is complicated to apply in real-time. 
  • Interference
    • In general, wireless technology should make benefit from the controlled frequency bands for improved radio propagation and lesser energy utilization.
    • For instance, it is wired in the wireless home network
    • To overcome the narrowband interference, it is essential to propose efficient routing and modulation mechanisms
  • Energy
    • In many instances, wireless devices require a battery-like sensor. On contrary, controllers or actuators use the electrical network for charging. 
    • So, the sensor has constrained capacity and functions gains more attention in designing for efficient energy. 
    • To reduce energy utilization, some use solar cells, piezoelectric elements, thermocouples, and other uses sleep modes.

So far, we have seen about the advanced Wireless Communication Project Ideas and current challenges come across in this field. When one step into the research work, it is necessary to have a strong technical background of their interested area. Therefore, our resource crews have suggested a few reference materials that help for research.

The technical books are provisioned with an in-depth insight of wireless communication networks’ first principles, proven technologies, protocol, algorithms, and future scope. It is easy to understand the modeling and constructing process of the wireless system.

Innovative Wireless Communication Project Ideas

In specific, the book assists the scholar/industrial specialist to make a strong foundation in their technical knowledge. Ultimately, it helps them to create innovative Wireless Communication Project Ideas in all areas. For instances: 

  • To increase Traffic Efficiency
  • To decrease Traffic Accidents
  • To encourage Wireless heterogeneity
  • To develop a New Application (For example mobile infotainment)

On the whole, these books play the role of inclusive reference materials for our scholars who wish to know the following concepts,

  • Network Design Approaches
  • Fundamental and Contextual Theory
  • View of the Network Architecture
  • Theorems and Use Cases
  • Wireless Simulator
  • Network Deployment and Simulation Tools
  • Enhanced Analytical Technologies
  • Advances in Wireless System Development 

Latest Text Books in Wireless Communication

  • Wireless Solutions for Aircrafts Based on Optical Wireless Communications and Power Line Communications
    • Author (s) – Mohsen Kavehrad ; M. I. Sakib Chowdhury ; Zhou Zhou
    • Pages – 193 – 206, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2015 , Edition: 1 
    • Description
      • PLC‐ OWC Solution in airplane cabins
      • Indoor / Outdoor OWC Network Technologies
      • PLC Transmission Approaches
  • Nearfield Wireless Communications and their Role in Next Generation Transport Infrastructures: an Overview of Modelling Techniques
    • Author (s) – Benoit Hilt ; Marion Berbineau ; Alexey Vinel ; Alain Pirovano
    • Pages – 29 – 50, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2017 , Edition: 1 
    • Description
      • NFC Modeling Systems
      • NFC enabled Technologies for Smart Transportation
      • Implication on Network Infrastructure and Design
  • Implanted Antennas in Medical Wireless Communications
    • Author (s) – Yahya Rahmat-Samii ; Jaehoon Kim
    • Pages – 82, Publisher: Morgan & Claypool, Copyright Year: 2006 
    • Description
      • Efficient Antenna Design in terms of size, profile, cost and security
      • Advance Computational Techniques
      • Implant Antennas in both Inside and Outside the body
      • Human Interaction
  • Wireless Communications Blocks Integration
    • Author (s) – Haesik Kim
    • Pages – 379 – 410, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2015 , Edition: 1
    • Description
      • Benefits of the network OSI layer model
      • Building of Blocks for Wireless Communication
      • Channels and Probability Theory
      • Integration of Blocks
      • Data Transfer from one block to another block
  • Backhauling 5G Small Cells with MassiveMIMOEnabled mmWave Communication
    • Author (s) – Kazi Mohammed Saidul Huq ; Jonathan Rodriguez
    • Pages – 29 – 53, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2016 , Edition: 1 
    • Description
      • Introduction of mmWave and M-MIMO Communication
      • Applying mmWave and M-MIMO over small‐cell backhauling and fronthauling
      • Cloud based C-RAN Technique for fronthauling
  • Advanced GaAsBased HBT Designs for Wireless Communications Systems
    • Author (s) – Tatsuo Itoh ; George Haddad ; James Harvey
    • Pages – 39 – 77, Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press, Copyright Year: 2001
    • Description
      • Advance implanted device design and optimization
      • Needs of wireless communications system
      • Advanced GaAsBased HBT and InPBased Designs
  • 5G Wireless Communication System Parameters and Requirements
    • Author (s) – Haesik Kim
    • Pages – 13 – 20, Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press, Copyright Year: 2020 , Edition: 1 
    • Description
      • Cellular System Optimization
      • Optimum Mathematical Methods
      • Efficient Spectrum Utilization
      • 5G parameters and needs for Wireless communication
  • Technical Challenges of Wireless Communications
    • Author (s) – Andreas F. Molisch
    • Pages – 27 – 36, Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press, Copyright Year: 2011 , Edition: 2 
    • Description
      • Issues Encountered in Wireless communication
      • Security and Privacy Threats
      • Multipath propagation and limitations
  • ShortRange Wireless Communications
    • Author (s) – Klaus David
    • Pages – 251 – 348, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2008 , Edition: 1 
    • Description
      • Rules for Modeling the Network
      • Trends in Ultra-Broadband Radio Propagation
      • Supportive Technological Aspects of Short‐range Communications
  • Trends in Wireless Communications
    • Author (s) – Nathan J. Gomes ; Paulo P. Monteiro ; Atílio Gameiro
    • Pages – 17 – 46, Publisher: Wiley Telecom, Copyright Year: 2012 , Edition: 1
    • Description
      • Advance Data Transmission Mechanisms
      • Improved Techniques for Energy and Spectral Efficiency
      • Physical limitation on Wireless Technologies

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