Wireless Body Area Network Projects

Wireless body area network projects teach the students wisely to attain the success. Being a student, you may merely have some baseline ideas on your BAN projects. Don’t fret about it because our experts will create the best from your basic ideas. As WBAN is one of the leading domains, it has a wide scope for all students. The prime thing is Wireless body area network projects involves myriad fields and topics. Thus, pointing out fresh concept is a rock-like task.

Blockchain Enabled Wireless Body Area Network Projects

  • Customized smart contracts for patient monitoring
  • Secure health-data transmission on blockchain
  • Secure search over Blockchain based WBAN-cloud
  • Trust-aware medical data sharing
  • Lightweight signature and hashing in blockchain
  • X-DAG blockchain for WBAN security
  • Blockchain gateway design for 5G-BAN
  • Social network implication in WBAN security
  • Digital ownership tracking for e-health data
  • Digital evidence collection in hospitals

At this time, blockchain technology reaches its peak growth. To address this vast progress, we have allotted a separate team for it. They update the notions day-by-day to lend high degree of novelty in your project. Likewise, you can capture our solutions in any field with WBAN.

When you enter into your project, make sure that you are on the inventive track. In the lack of novelty, you will unable to continue your travel. Thus, we have indexed future concepts which will rule the research world. When you kick off your project with us, you will absolutely get a right track.

Future Ideas for Wireless Body Area Network Projects

  • Optical link design for WBAN
  • Context aware access control
  • SD radio design for WBAN
  • Critical data prediction
  • Energy efficient BAN-to-BAN routing
  • MAN layer optimization
  • Physiological parameter analysis
  • Health data offloading via fog and edge
  • Medical multimedia traffic transmission
  • Ultra-wideband channel hopping

Future Algorithms for Wireless Body Area Network Projects


  • Lion hunter optimizer
  • Spotted hyena optimization
  • MOORA algorithm
  • Fuzzy-VIKOR
  • Killer whale optimizer


  • Asynchronous advantage actor-critic
  • Twofold Markov Chain Model
  • Multi-stage Bayesian Network
  • Proximal Policy Optimization
  • Deep Q learning and SARSA


  • Slice Net
  • LiteNet
  • Deep-U Net
  • Gated Recurrent Unit
  • Quantum Nets


  • SALSA-20
  • Blake
  • Steerbog
  • Hummingbird 2

We are not only strong in project planning but also in execution wban projects using ns3. Once you have registered with us, we will complete your work within 2 stages. At first, we derive the finest notion in WBAN. If you are okay with that view, then we move on to the execution. At last, we will ship the whole project through online/offline.