Video Streaming Projects

Video streaming projects direct many final year students track. At present, video streaming becomes a one-off element in the chief applications. For instance, online gaming, entertainment and remote surgery are most valuable real-world applications. If you choose this field, then your project will have the first-rate kudos. In exact, LTE and 5G networks are the current ongoing topic in this field. We share this info via our regular reputed journal updates. 


  • 5G and beyond communication
  • ViLTE (Video over LTE)
  • IEEE 802.11p (vehicular streaming)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 (Industrial streaming)
  • IEEE 802.11ax (WiFi 6)


  • Low-latency and ultra-HD streaming
  • Hybrid video coding and retargeting
  • Adaptive multipath streaming
  • Video traffic engineering for mobiles
  • Multimedia protection and forensics
  • Edge-assisted fast video streaming
  • 5G multi-RAT design for multimedia
  • Content-based search and streaming
  • Multi-party concurrent video streaming
  • Content-personalization in multi-platform

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  • Content quality
  • Video availability
  • Audiovisual synchronization
  • Error resilience
  • Interface usability
  • Meatadata quality
  • Navigation capabilities


  • Mean opinion score
  • Bit error rate
  • Packet loss and delay
  • Peak signal-to-noise ratio
  • Video quality metric
  • Blockiness and Blurriness
  • Ringing metric (noisiness)

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  • Decide streaming network
    • Sensor network
    • Ad hoc network (VANET, MANET)
    • Industrial networks
  • Encode the video
    • VVC (H.266)
    • HEVC (H.265)
    • AVC (H.264)
  • Adjust encoding parameters
    • GoP rate
    • Encoding rate
    • Layer information
  • Select multi-paths
    • By routing algorithms
    • By optimization techniques
    • By reinforcement learning
  • Perform security primitives (if needed)
    • Cryptography algorithms
    • Steganography algorithms
    • Network coding methods
  • Schedule the video packets
    • Priority based scheduling
    • Traffic type based algorithms
    • Time based algorithms
  • Send the video packets
    • Receive video from multi-paths
    • Decode video packets
    • Stream original video

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