Software Defined Networking Projects

Software defined networking projects is an epic route to catch your success quickly. Recently, SDN becomes a trending concept as it is the vital base for all networks. For this reason, many students go with SDN projects. As vast projects are open, ensuring trademark is the puzzling issue. So, we have myriad of masters who are working towards SDN recurrently. Our experts have expertise in each niche of the SDN concepts. At any rate, we will completely transfer our insights into your project. Thus, the project will grab an enduring success.

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Integrated Software Defined Networking Projects


  • Blockchain enabled forensics architecture
  • Software defined industrial IoT
  • Switch offloading and decision making
  • OpenFlow routing in smart city
  • Scalable and flexible EHR management


  • Energy efficient network handling
  • QoS and QoF aware routing
  • Lightweight security schemes
  • Softwarized multimedia routing
  • Large-scale WSN deployment by SDN


  • SD-VNDN for content delivery
  • SDN assisted V2X, V2P, V2I
  • Dynamic switching between THz and mmWave
  • Safety message dissemination in grid-Vanet
  • Multi-hop optimal relay selection


  • Fog-IDS and cloud-IDS
  • Secure search through SDN
  • Elastic multi-cloud environment
  • Virtualized cloud environment
  • VM management and load balancing


  • Software defined RAN
  • Multi-RAT for video streaming
  • Secure network slicing and virtualization
  • Device to device communication
  • URLLC and MTC in 5G

10 Sole Software Defined Networking Projects

  • Programmable data plane entities
  • In-network processing and storage
  • Flow rule deployment and management
  • Multi-domain and multi-tenant SDN
  • Traffic classification and QoS provision
  • Load monitoring and balancing
  • SDN routing and controller communication
  • Service chain functioning and routing
  • System-level integration and optimization
  • Security consideration (attack detection and mitigation)

You can select your Software Defined Networking Projects from the above list. If you are seeking for explanation, then simply give a mail to us. We will send you outright detail of the topic. Besides, you can also reach our service via phone call. We will arrange for an online session with our experts. So that, you can clarify all your doubts in that discussion. In a word, we are ready to put our exertion in any way. The choice is yours.