On Delay Constrained Multicast Capacity of Large-Scale Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

This paper studies the delay constrained multicast capacity of large scale mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). We consider a MANET that consists of ns multicast sessions. Each multicast session has one source and p destinations. Each source sends identical information to the p destinations in its multicast session, and the information is required to be delivered to all the p destinations within D time-slots.

Assuming the wireless mobiles move according to a two-dimensional i.i.d. mobility model, we first prove that the capacity per multicast session is O min n 1; (log p)(log (nsp)) q D ns o :1 We then propose a joint coding/scheduling algorithm achieving a throughput of min n 1; q D ns o : Our simulation results suggest that the same scaling law also holds under random walk and random waypoint models.