OMNeT++ Installation

          Really, our experienced technical professionals are well qualified and ready to provide appropriate research guidance. Without any delay, let’s take a look over the installation of OMNeT++ in the following.

Phase: I

          Initially, we have to download the Omnetpp-6.0.1 through the URL which is highlighted below.


Link to Download Omnetpp-6.0.1

Phase: II

         We have to configure and install the Omnetpp-6.0.1 through starting the mingwenv.cmd in the omnetpp-6.0.1 as the directory through double clicking it in windows explorer. Then, it provide the console with MSYS bash shell and we have to execute the below mentioned commands. In addition, this installation process creates the release and debugs binaries.



             Don’t feel anxiety if you’ve any doubts while installing OMNeT++, for the reason that our technical experts are always ready to help you out of that.