NS3 Wireless Mesh Network Projects

Wireless Mesh Network Projects Using NS3 Simulator

NS3 Wireless Mesh Network Projects is a discrete event network simulator which jumps from one event to other event. We use C++ function to schedule events at specific simulation time. We offer M.Tech network simulator 3 projects for research scholars are based on various network include wired & wireless technology. We design various network based on students needs. We carry network final year projects with NS3 comparison graph and experimental results are displayed.

NS3 wireless mesh network projects

Type of architecture in WMN:

With following architecture are developed more than 80+ projects in WMN

  • Hybrid meshes architecture.
  • Infrastructure meshes architecture.
  • Client meshes architecture.

Application of WMN:

We implement WMN in the given application:

  • Enterprise network.
  • Broadband home network.
  • Building automation.
  • Transportation system.

Multi relay network:

We develop multiple network with source destination pairs involving possible with multicast and node in network act as potential relay nodes as multi relay network. We use multi source and multi relay scheme to transmit source node information to destination nodes. We ensure multiple multi relay routes. To defeat collision in multi relay network we use code division multiple access.

NS3 Wireless mesh network PROJECTS :

We implement wireless mesh network flow science direct papers with multiple redundant communications for whole network when links fails it automatically route message by alternate paths. NS3 Wireless mesh network cooperate with each other to transmit packet in network.

Types of nodes in WMANS:

We categories nodes as:

Wireless mesh routers:

It contains additional function to support mesh routing which enhance flexibility.

Mesh clients:

It contain wireless interface with laptop/ desktop pc, IP phone, RFID reader.

NS3 wireless mesh network projects
NS3 wireless mesh network projects

Cognitive radio network NS3 PROJECTS:

We utilize cognitive radio network with advanced communication and signal processing techniques. The important factors in cognitive radio network for M.Tech students are:

  • Underlay in cognitive radio constrained which cause interference to non cognitive network.
  • Overlay is cognitive radio overhear & enhance non cognitive radio transmission.
  • Interweave is used to find & exploit spectral hole to avoid interfering with non cognitive radios.

Satellite network communication NS3 PROJECTS:

We implement satellite communication plays an important role for global telecommunication system.

Handover in satellite system:

We categorize the handover in satellite are:

Inter satellite handover:

We refer as handover from one satellite to another called inert satellite handover in which mobile station leave footprint of satellite.

Intra satellite handover:

Handover from one spot beam to another & create mobile station footprint for satellite.

Inter system handover:

Handover occur from satellite network to terrestrial cellular network.

Gateway handover:

Handover from one to another gateway called as gateway handover