NS3 Vanet Simulation Projects


NS3 Vanet Simulation Projects Vehicular Ad hoc Network is a sub domain of Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET).In vehicular Ad hoc network we create wireless node by connecting vehicles with each other through Ad hoc formation. We offer NS3 vanet simulation Projects to design various innovative ideas of vehicular communication. We develop NS3 which is an open source environment to enhance environment for Vanet Network function design. By NS3 simulation, we implement and test various Vanet application and Technology. We support college students and research scholars to develop project on Vanet.

Types of Communication in NS3 VANET Simulation Projects:

We implement VANET communication in B.Tech projects are:

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication.
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication.

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication:

We implement this communication among vehicle which enable data transmission and reception. We use radio waves and infrared for data transmission. We adopt radio waves such as micro, millimeter and high frequency waves for vehicle communications. It takes 3 seconds to ensure communication.

Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication:

We implement this communication among vehicles roadside units. We use radio waves over 80 meter range communication among infrastructure and vehicle.

Basic Components of  NS3 VANET Simulation Projects:

We need these components to implement VANET Projects which takes references from Elsevier Papers are:

  • Communication:

We provide communication by IEEE 1609.2, called DSRC 802.11p over wireless access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE).

  • Multi hop communication:

We support multi hop communication with DSRC over 1000m range.

  • Onboard unit:

We use onboard unit inside vehicle to process collected data from various sensor and filter inside vehicles and ensure vehicle status. It provides communication with outside network also.

  • Road side unit:

We create infrastructure to make communication among cars.

Broadcasting in VANET:

To implement a function called broadcast function we use various algorithms in vehicular Ad hoc network. We implement Ad hoc vanet routing algorithm for broadcast process to forward packet data and control.

NS3 Vanet Simulation Projects

Mobicasting in VANET:

We use mobicasting to denote time management into account. We mainly designed to deliver information for all nodes at particular time.

Application of VANET:

We apply VANET in more than 80+ projects and their deployed VANET applications are given as:

  • Commercial Oriented.
  • Safety Oriented.
  • Convenience Oriented.

Privacy in VANET:

We need privacy in vanet to secure information. By this privacy, we can safe information from malicious observers. We achieve privacy by temporary keys. Keys are stored in tamper proof of outside buffer unit. Keys are automatically reloaded for every time and make official checkup by vehicles. For preserving real identity of driver we use electronic license Plate (ELP). This license is installed in every vehicle and ensures identification number for each vehicle. We identify license plate by RFID technology.