NS3 Project With code

            Generally, Ns3 is denoted as the network simulator to design the model based on proposed system which is capable to order the identification and understand the factors to control the system for the prediction of future characteristics in the system.

What is NetAnim?

          The NetAnim is considered as the offline animator which is related to the Qt toolkit. It is about the animated version of network which is functioning in real time for the data transmission from one node to another node. The animation process in simulation includes the utilization of XML trace file that is collected while simulating the process. Ns3 is considered as the assistive process to create the pcap that are used to acquire the information of packets such as designation IP, source IP and sequence number.

Animation in Ns3

           Animation is considered as the significant tool in the process of network simulation. When Ns3 is not functioning as the default graphical animation tool, the users are process two significant methods for the provision of animation such as.

  • NetAnim method
  • PyViz method


           NetAnim is considered as the standalone and Qt4 based software executable process for the utilization of trace file with the generation of Ns3 simulation and that is exhibited with the topology and animation is took place among the nodes with the packet flow. The NetAnim is providing the beneficial features including the tables and that are displayed in the packets based on Meta data. In addition, the packets are displayed in the following.

  • Dsdv
  • Olsr
  • Aodv
  • Tcp
  • Udp
  • Icmpv4
  • Ipv4
  • Arp
  • Wifi
  • Ppp
  • Ethernet

        Above mentioned are the notable specifications about NetAnim in the process of Ns3 projects. In addition, network simulation is included with some processes and functions that are considered as the significance of NetAnim with lots of characteristics and they are highlighted in the following for your reference.

NetAnim 3.105 Features

  • The routing tables in nodes have to be print in various points of time
  • Step over the simulation one event at one particular time and pause the simulation at given time
  • Double or unit 32 are valued counters through the time multiple nodes are displayed in particular table or chart
  • MAC and IP information are shown when it gets included with the peer MAC and IP for the point to point links
  • Parse the flow to monitor the XML files and that is displayed with the statistics of all the flows
  • Nodes are using the custom icons
  • Print the brief packet meta data in packets
  • Node trajectory plotting is deployed as the node position statistics
  • Packet timeline along with the regex filter in packet meta data
  • Animation of packets are got over through both the wired and wireless links

       In the following, the notable field Ns3 which includes multiple sections with the coordination of several classes. Now, it’s time to discuss about the significant classes that are essential to develop a research Ns3 and our research professionals are providing the Ns3 project with code.

Ns3 Class for NetAnim

  • ns3::CanvasLocation class
  • It is the significant class that is deployed all the time as the logical node location and it is requiring the opposed process with all physical locations that are deployed to calculate the path loss using wireless PHY layers. The potential use over the animator is used to determine the position of node icon with the animation display. The units based on location are considered as the dimensionless and arbitrary with the utilization of animator as the dimensions in pixels
  • There are two significant functions in this class and they are deployed to acquire the current location of nodes and to set the location of nodes
  • SetLocation
  • GetLocation
  • ns3::AnimationInterface class
  • It is considered as the interface for various network animators and it is providing some functions to facilitate the communication with various external and internal network animators. In addition, this class includes some parameters that are deployed to perform the interface process with the file names that are used to trace the file over animator such as
  • usingXML
  • Set to true where the XML output traces are required
  • maxPktsPerFile
  • There are various packets in all the trace file and the AnimationInterface is used to create the trace files using the following filenames such as filename, file name1, filename2 and filenameN along with that all the files include maxPktPerFile
  • EnableIpv4RouteTracking is deployed in this class as the member function to perform the process and that is enabling the Ipv4 routing to set the nodes and some parameters are used in this process
  • startTime
  • Start time to capture
  • stopTime
  • End time to capture
  • nc
  • It is the nodecontainer which includes the nodes based on routing tables that are tracked
  • pollInterval
  • It is in the periodic interval based on routing table information and it is polled default in 5s
  • EnablePacketMetadata is used to perform the enable packet metadata process with some parameters
  • enable
  • It is used to write the packet metadata to trace the files such as XML in false to write the packet metadata
  • SetServerPort is deployed for the specification of animation commands that is written in socket and it is deployed to set the Ns3 process in server mode to wait the TCP connection from animator it is functioning with some parameters such as
  • port
  • It is used to bind the port number
  • StartAnimation is utilized to write the topology information to acquire the adequate results based on prior calls towards the SetInternalAnimation, SetOutputFile and SetServerPort

Methodology in Ns3

          The class based on ns3::AnimationInterface is used for the creation of trace XML file. The AnimationInterface is considered as structural design to trace the packet flows among the nodes. It is registering the trace hoop for both the tx and rx events to start the simulation. The packets are scheduled for the transmission and reception that is equivalent to trace the tx and rx hooks based on AnimationInterface.

NetAnim Usage

  • Generate the animation XML trace file
  • ns3::AnimationInterface is used in the simulation process of Ns3 code base and the AnimationInterface is a class that is functioning through src/netanim to create the file in XML format like timestamped ASCII file
  • Load the XML trace file
  • Assumption of NetAnim creation through the utilization of commands such as ./NetAnim and the Building NetAnim is section that is reviewed for NetAnim
  • Click on file button in the left corner while the NetAnim is opened to select the XML file that is generated
  • Start the animation by clicking the green play button

        Below, we have highlighted the list of topical and innovative research topics to develop the research based on Ns3 project with code.

Dissertation Topics in Ns3 Projects with Code

  • Towards a URLLC aware programmable data path with P4 for industrial 5G networks
  • Mobility driven and energy efficient deployment of edge data centers in urban environments
  • A secure adaptive control for cooperative driving of autonomous connected vehicles in the presence of heterogeneous communication delays and cyber attacks
  • A new optoelectronic hybrid network based on scheduling optimization of optical links
  • Geo-SID: A new geo cast safety information dissemination protocol in VANET for urban areas

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