Bluetooth Projects Using NS3 simuator

NS3 BLUETOOTH PROJECTS for wireless communication between short-ranged radio links to PCs to mobile phones. NS3 BLUETOOTH PROJECTS enabling a variety of devices to be connected together using wireless technology.

NS3 Bluetooth Projects

Functionalities of Bluetooth SIG:

  • Protect Bluetooth trademarks.
  • Evangelize Bluetooth technology.
  • Administer the qualification program.
  • Publish and update the Bluetooth specifications.

Types of physical links present in Bluetooth:

  • ACL (Asynchronous Connection-Less).
  • SCO (Synchronous Connection-Oriented).

Scope of Bluetooth network:

  • Sending files to a mobile phone.
  • Sharing a local printer over Bluetooth.
  • Stand-alone Bluetooth printing.
  • Mobile phone SMS/Call related items.
  • Dial-up, 3G, networking over Bluetooth.
  • Receiving files from remote Bluetooth devices.
  • Browsing files on a remote device.
  • Remote controls.
  • Handfree headsets and headphones.

Sample code for NS3 BLUETOOTH PROJECTS :

MobilityHelper mobility;
Ptr positionAlloc = CreateObject ();
positionAlloc->Add (Vector (0.0, 0.0, 0.0));
positionAlloc->Add (Vector (2 * distanceToRx, 0.0, 0.0));
mobility.SetPositionAllocator (positionAlloc);
mobility.SetMobilityModel (“ns3::ConstantPositionMobilityModel”);
mobility.Install (c);

BasicEnergySourceHelper basicSourceHelper;
// configure energy source
basicSourceHelper.Set (“BasicEnergySourceInitialEnergyJ”, DoubleValue (1.0));
// install source
EnergySourceContainer sources = basicSourceHelper.Install (c);
/* device energy model */
EnergyModelHelper radioEnergyHelper;
// configure radio energy model
radioEnergyHelper.Set (“TxCurrentA”, DoubleValue (0.0174));
radioEnergyHelper.Set (“RxCurrentA”, DoubleValue (0.0197));
// install device model
DeviceEnergyModelContainer deviceModels = radioEnergyHelper.Install (devices, sources);

/* energy harvester */
BasicEnergyHarvesterHelper basicHarvesterHelper;
// configure energy harvester
basicHarvesterHelper.Set (“PeriodicHarvestedPowerUpdateInterval”, TimeValue (Seconds (harvestingUpdateInterval)));
basicHarvesterHelper.Set (“HarvestablePower”, StringValue (“ns3::UniformRandomVariable[Min=0.0|Max=0.1]”));
// install harvester on all energy sources
EnergyHarvesterContainer harvesters = basicHarvesterHelper.Install (sources);