Ns2 Software Download

       Our research experts have years of experience in this technical field, so we are well versed in this field. Through this article, we have depicted the process of downloading simulation software based on network simulator 2.

Ns2 Software Download

        Initially, we have to download the software based on network simulator 2 using the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download Ns2 Software

          Then, we have to copy and paste the downloaded packages into Ubuntu home page and right click on the package to extract the package files through selecting the extract here option.

Ns2 Code for Data Transmission

       For your ease, we have highlighted the some sample source code based on network simulator 2.

  • IP based broadcast in satellite network

if (IP_BROADCAST == (u_int32_t) dst)


                                    mac_->hdr_dst((char*) HDR_MAC(p), MAC_BROADCAST);



  • Maintain the collisions and packet drops in communication

            bind_bool(“trace_collisions_”, &trace_collisions_);

            bind_bool(“trace_drops_”, &trace_drops_);

  • Compute transmission delay

            int packetsize_ = HDR_CMN(p)->size() + LINK_HDRSIZE;

            assert (bandwidth_ != 0);

            txt = txtime(packetsize_);

        HDR_MAC(p)->txtime() = txt;

           If you want to know more information about the process of downloading the software based on network simulator 2, then contact us to grab the knowledge.