Networking Projects

    Networking Projects are actively developed for upcoming young graduates by our well versed faculties in this particular area. A network is the “idea to construct an extensive, unbreakable, reliable and trust guaranteed relationship between end–users for communication”. Networking is a term globally used by people also all over the world, due to its utilization in real-time environment. We refer standard IEEE Transaction Papers for students approaching us for UG Projects and own concepts are also strongly supported. In recent days, People adapt also with the advanced development that are incorporated in Networks. Technological improvements in Networking Projects are the major reason to choose this area. Our technical team has put on effort to convey all the recent methods involved also in Networking Projects for your Project direction.


Important Algorithms Used in Networking Projects

Machine learning algorithms
  • Supervised Learning Sample algorithms: Nearest Neighbor algorithm, Regression algorithms, Naïve Bayes algorithm, Decision Trees algorithm, Support Vector Machines, also Neural Networks, Random Forest, Ensemble methods
  • Semi-Supervised Learning – Sample algorithms: Perform Classification and also clustering
  • Unsupervised Learning – Sample algorithms: K-means clustering algorithm, Association rules algorithms, Apriori algorithms, Singular value Decomposition, also Independent Component Analysis
  • Reinforcement Learning – Sample algorithms: Q-Learning algorithm, also Deep Adversarial Networks
Bio–inspired algorithms
  • Evolution based Sample algorithms: Genetic algorithm, Differential evolution, Self-Adaptive differential evolution, also Randomized Neural Network with Differential Evolution, Balanced Dynamic Differential Evolution, Intelligent Monkey King Evolution algorithm, also Hybrid differential Evolution algorithm
  • Intelligence based – Sample algorithms: Ant Colony Optimization, Particle Swarm Optimization, Bat algorithm, also Firefly algorithm, Cuckoo search, Improved Artificial Bee Colony algorithm, Humming Birds Optimization, Butterfly Optimization
  • Ecology based – Sample algorithms: Ant Lion Optimizer, Moth–Flame Optimization
Heuristic algorithms
  • Simulated Annealing
  • Neural Networks
Digital Signature algorithms
  • Dual–Protected Ring Signature
  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature
  • Elliptic ElGamal Digital Signature
  • RSA Digital Signature
Cryptography algorithms
  • Elliptic curve Cryptography
  • Lattice also based Cryptography
  • Multivariate Cryptography
  • Lightweight Cryptography

Important Protocols Used in Networking Projects

MAC Protocols
  • Polling based MAC
  • Adaptive Multi–channel MAC
  • Opportunistic MAC
  • Contention based MAC
  • Bio–Inspired MAC
  • Cross–layer MAC
  • Spatial and also temporally coordinated MAC
Routing Protocols
  • Intersection based shortest path routing
  • Anti–Jamming routing
  • Intelligent power aware routing
  • Traffic aware routing
  • Trickle algorithm based routing
  • Centroid based routing
  • Energy efficient routing

Recent topics covered in Networking Projects

  • Data Management systems provided also with Certificateless Data Possession Scheme for security.
  • Lightweight encryption scheme also for ensuring sensitive data transmission in the network.
  • Lattice based Cryptography for assured secure communication also for Edge Devices.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks using energy aware optimization algorithm.
  • Using Evolutionary algorithm for Cluster Optimization also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks.
  • Reinforcement Learning used for Scheduling also in Long Term Evolution Network
  • Developing a hybrid Neural Network also using Particle Swarm Optimization in Wireless Networks.
  • Efficient routing performed also by using Analytical Hierarchical Process in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Strengthened Convex Optimization algorithm also for Distributed Networks.
  • Performance of Efficient Routing also in Wireless Sensor Networks using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.
  • Channel allocation in wireless Networks also using hybrid Genetic and Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm.

     Net-working Projects are implemented using Simulators, Emulators, Embedded kit and also Integrated Embedded kits. Our initial step is to collect student’s requirement and finally we issue all the requirements received initially. Some of the major tools worked by our team for Networking Projects are OMNeT++, OPNET, QUALNET, Mininet, NetSim, Ns2, Ns3, LTESim, CORE, GINsim, Cloonix and others. We prefer best tool for your selected project concept and discuss with you before we begin our implementation process.

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