Network Simulator NS3

Introduction to Network simulator NS3

Network Simulator NS3  is one of the network simulation tool. Network Simulator ns3 is a Discrete Event (DE) simulator. In Network Simulator ns3, each event is associated with its execution time and the simulation proceeds by executing events in the temporal order of simulation time. Events may cause future events to be scheduled in Network Simulator ns3.

Network Simulator ns3 Features:

  • Analyze Statistics which means collection of data, visualization and manipulation.
  • Visualization that means watch network and application events
  • The Ipv6 integrated into ns-3 native network stack
  • NSC- Linux network stack ported into ns-3

Run simulation in real time over network

Network Simulator NS3 attribute elements:

  • Nodes have network devices that incorporating physical and link layer.
  • Devices interface w/Layer 3 such as network protocols IP and ARP.
  • Ns3 layer 3 attribute element use the layer 4 protocol like transport layer.
  • NetDevices transfer packets over channels.
  • In ns3 both static and mobile nodes are there.
  • Layer 4 is used by layer 5 objects.
Sample code Network Simulator ns3:

This is the code for MobilityHandler object to set some Attributes controlling the “position allocator” functionality in network topology Network Simulator ns3.
MobilityHelper mobility;
mobility.SetPositionAllocator (“ns3::GridPositionAllocator”,
“MinX”, DoubleValue (0.0),
“MinY”, DoubleValue (0.0),
“DeltaX”, DoubleValue (5.0),
“DeltaY”, DoubleValue (10.0),
“GridWidth”, UintegerValue (3),”LayoutType”, StringValue (“RowFirst”));