Network Simulator 3 LINUX

Network Simulator using Linux Environment

Network Simulator 3 LINUX Generally the network simulator 3 is invented in the Linux environment. This is introduced to overcome the limitations of ns2 but it’s not an extension of ns2. For creating Linux environment Ubuntu OS is used. After successfully installing the Ubuntu OS we can easily install Network Simulator 3 LINUX . Other wise if any user wants to install Network Simulator 3 LINUX  in windows means, they need additional supporting tool to create Linux environment such as cygwin.

Network Simulator 3 Linux 

In ns2, bi-language system make debugging more complex, but for Network Simulator 3 LINUX only knowledge of C++ is enough.NETWORK SIMULATOR 3 LINUX is not backward compatible with NS2; it’s built from the scratch to replace NS2.

NETWORK SIMULATOR 3 LINUX has an emulation mode, which allows for the integration with real networks.

NETWORK SIMULATOR 3 LINUX is trying to solve problems present in NS2.

NETWORK SIMULATOR 3 LINUX is written in C++, Python Programming Language can be optionally used as an interface.There is very limited number of contributed codes made with NETWORK SIMULATOR 3 LINUX compared to NS2.

By using the Network Simulator 3 LINUX

We can simulate any kind of network and get fast as well as productive result.For example

  • WIMAX.
  • WIFI.
  • WAN.
  • MAN.
  • Hybrid network.
  • P2P network. etc.

The results are collected and compared by using the simulation graph results. Example network parameters are,

  • Jitter.
  • End to end delay.
  • Routing overhead.
  • Message overhead.
  • PDF.
  • Reliability.
  • Scalability.