Network Simulation

Network Simulation Projects

Network Simulation core supports research on both IP and non-IP based networks. In Network simulation, users focus on wireless/IP simulations which involve models for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, or LTE for layers 1 and 2 and a variety of static or dynamic routing protocols such as OLSR and AODV for IP-based applications.

Link layer models in Network simulation ns3:

  • Mesh
    • Use Flame protocol for broadband ad-hoc networking for emergency services.
    • Use 802.11 s but not legancy802.11 stations supported yet.
  • Wifi (802.11)
    • Supports both ad hoc and infrastructure mode.
    • EDCA QoS support but not HCCA.
  • point-to-point links (PPP links).
  • Bridge:1D Learning Bridge.
  • Csma (Ethernet links).
  • Tap-bridge, emu: testbed integration.
  • Wimax (802.16).
    • use 802.16-2004 std to define four scheduling services.

Sample code for network simulation:
This is the code for how to receive a packet in network during simulation in ns3.
void Beacon::Receive(Ptr socket) {
Ptr packet;
Address from;
while (packet = socket->RecvFrom(from)) {
Ipv4Address ipv4From =
NS_LOG_INFO(“Received packet, ” << packet->GetSize() <<
” bytes from ” << ipv4From);