Network simulation software and tools permit the computer network and TCP/ IP for the research aspects. In addition, it provides assistance for the research professionals in the computer network. The various network simulation tools and software are highlighted in this page. The ranges of requirements in network simulation are listed down.

  • In operation, the wireless components of a fresh mobile should be examined exactly whether it is seaborne or airborne or ground-based, etc.
  • Generating the operation mode for user-designed and pre-configured network
  • Simulating reaction and the bang of the organized network

Network Simulator Benefits

In general, a network simulator provides the various operating environment for the data transmission in the software and hardware configuration and helps for the access inefficient and co-effective methods.

List of Network Simulation Tools and Software

  • EVE-NG
  • PRTG Network Monitor
  • Putty
  • SNMP Agent Simulator
  • Microsoft Visio
  • GNS3
  • Secure CRT
  • Network Simulator NS3

The research experts have highlighted the specific characteristic in the network tools as below.

Top 9 Characteristics of Network Simulation Tools

Characteristics of Top 9 Network Simulation Tools

  • Putty
    • It is helpful for numerous network protocols such as SSH, login, SCP, raw socket connection, Telnet, etc.
    • It is a open-source terminal emulator, the transportation of network application serial console and entirely liberated
  • EVE (Emulated Virtual Environment)
    • It supports to emulate all the network security applications and to generate, organizing, compose and examining the difficult scenarios in the network
    • Thus, it provides a protective virtual environment for the computer networks
    • It is the best emulated virtual environment tool and software
    • It plays a most wanted role in the emulated virtual environment for the network and security developers
  • Secure CRT
    • To accomplish all the machinery in the remote control, the secure CRT provides the potential to generate SSH connection with the vibrant configuration using the SOCKS proxy
    • With the help of SSH SOCKS proxy, the network applications can connect with the required target
  • GNS3 (Graphical Network System 3)
    • It supports the complex network and scenarios for the blend of virtual and real devices for the simulation process
    • Graphical network system 3 is the tool and software for the network simulation and the emulation process
    • It is the simulation tool for virtual networks to generate, examine and configure the network scenarios
    • It is accessible for the Mac, Linux and Windows
  • NS3 (Network Simulator 3)
    • It provides significant support for routing, multicast protocol, and simulation of TCP through the wireless and wired network
    • It gives constant assistance for the development and research purposes and further use
    • The main aim of the network simulator is to separate the event simulator in networking
    • The series of NS such as 1, 2, 3 are the detached event of network simulators
    • It is used for network troubleshooting, development of protocol, and interpretation
    • It helps to monitor the network at the microscopic stage
    • It is a packet analyser for the liberal and open source network
    • Wireshark is majorly used for the network protocol analyser

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