Network Security Projects

Intelligence Network Security Projects

Network Security Projects – computer Network, network security is an imperative technology. It composed of several attacks and analysis for network domain. Network Security Projects for students to eradicate security issues in network we develop various security algorithms based on IEEE Papers. We provide and support for research and thesis in network domain. In wireless ad hoc network, network security is a major challenging issue. We guide and encourage students to implement their own innovative computer network project ideas in network security.

Models in Intelligence Network security projects

Intelligence Network Security projects:

In network security we mainly implement intelligence network security. Various concepts are developed and implemented. This system require group of disconnected elements to provide interconnection among networks. To ensure an end to end service we require certain service, device and functions. Various algorithms have capacity to act properly to modify environments. Functional elements of computation modules and network interconnection module are analyzed by spatial, logical and temporal hierarchical models.

Network Security projects:

We develop awareness for high level security based on security event alerts. Security alert complexities improve difficultly in security analysis which loses the network security concept. To withstand network security we provide awareness based on knowledge discovery. To measure network situation we use D-S evidence theory. Network security situation are created to extract frequent pattern and sequence pattern from network security data patterns. To transform these patterns various correlation are used.

Types of Network Security Projects

Network Business Security:

We use enterprise Network information system for exchange and share information and it also used as platform for various purposes. Network security composed of data security, network business security, and information system network security. We implement network business security which is an important area in network security research for academic projects. Various algorithms are used to provide secure process. Threads in business application contain worms, viruses, horses, Trojan, zero day and spyware are eradicated by network security algorithms.

Security Perception Control:

We implement perception control technology in network security to identify and measure security status and protection. We use internet of things, telecom and other perception technology for perception control system. Network security environment also include humidity, gas and temperature. We ensure the feasibility for computer network perception control system which is used for B.Tech projects.

We determined various security algorithm, protocols and methods in more than 80 projects under network security by our team.