Network Projects

   Network Projects are performed for worldwide students and research scholars who are interested in this field of networking. At present, network is the most familiar area which is widely concentrated by students and research scholars. Network Projects is one of our major service provided for students at final academic year. Wirelessly connected devices perform communication with each other that is defined as Ad hoc Networks. Our team is well-versed in different types of Networks and capable to carry over a project to successful academy result. We trigger you with the happiness of academic success to reach heights in your career.

Why students prefer our Net-work Projects here

  • Exclusive ideas
  • Novel algorithm design
  • Confidentiality of your idea discussed
  • Best professional project developers
  • In–depth explanations
  • Doubts and clarifications available for 24/7
  • Enhancements in proposed algorithms

    Network Projects are also initiative to generate the base also for future advanced technologies developed in communication. Ad hoc Networks are enabled to transmit and receive data also in the absence of a central authority. These networks play a major role in Network projects, since it deals with several real time applications. Hurry up to select your best choice of Network Projects from the following.


  • Smart phone Ad hoc Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Multi–channel Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks
  • Air Force Unnamed Aerial Vehicles Ad hoc Networks
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Navy Ad hoc Networks
  • Aeronautical Ad hoc Networks
  • Millimeter Wave Ad hoc Networks
  • Flying Ad hoc Networks
  • Multi–hop wireless Ad hoc Networks
  • 3D Ad hoc Networks
  • Mobile Ad hoc and also Sensor Systems
  • Mobile Ad-hoc and also Sensor-Actuator Systems
  • Ad hoc networks also with Wireless Access Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Cloud Computing Networks

Pleasant Concepts Discussed In Ad Hoc Net-works for Network-Projects

  • Reliable communication
  • Localization
  • Attackers discovery
  • Multi–channel MAC scheme
  • Lightweight workflow
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Path selection protocols
  • Multi–channel assignment
  • Data dissemination
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Authentication and also privacy

Fabulous Implementation Tools Experienced for Net-work-Projects

  • Network Simulator 2
  • Network Simulator 3
  • OMNeT++
  • OMNeT++ with SUMO (also For Vehicular ad hoc Networks)
  • QualNet
  • Matlab
  • Matlab Simulink
  • Mininet(Only also for Software Defined Network)
  • Netsim
  • LTEsim (Only for Long Term Evolution)
  • UWSim (Only also for Underwater Network)
  • PeerSim (Only for Peer also to Peer Network)
  • MobASim


  • Topology based reliable communication performance also in Multi-channel Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks.
  • Efficient 3–Dimensional localization in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks also for the application of Public Safety.
  • Steady clustering using navigation route also in Vehicular Ad hoc networks.
  • Improved Double-Secure Ring Signature also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Reliable data transmission in Aeronautical Ad hoc Networks
  • Designing an adaptive protocol for communication also in Flying Ad hoc Networks.
  • Effective resource allocation using bio–inspired algorithm also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Perfect MAC protocol using bio–inspired algorithm also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Hybrid MAC protocol design also with assured Quality of Service in Aeronautical Ad hoc Networks.
  • Design of Mobile Ad hoc Networks also with multicast cooperation.
  • Power efficiency in Ad hoc Networks also using Beacon assisted Millimeter wave
  • Broadcasting of emergency messages using adaptive strategy also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks.

    Lastly from this you could gather up an idea over Network Projects and identify your own network and implementation tool. Anymore questions or confusions in choosing your Network Project then join us without any hesitation. We build up our team members into separate groups for individual project domains. Our strong bond with you; makes you to work for your further academy projects. We also support all types of Network and other areas like Cloud, Big Data, Hadoop, Data Mining, Edge Computing, Internet of Things and others.