MS in NS3
Cooperative Data Scheduling in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: VANET as a Software Defined Network – MS in NS3
Heterogeneous Flow Table Distribution in Software-defined Networks – MS in NS3
Graph theory and its applications to future network planning: software-defined online small cell management – MS in NS3
Saving Energy in Partially Deployed Software Defined Networks – MS in NS3
A Traffic Load Balancing Framework for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks Powered by Hybrid Energy Sources – MS in NS3
Software defined optical network based on multi-level WDM ring topology for intra data center switching – MS in NS3
Experimental validation of IP over Optical Transport Network based on Hierarchical Controlled Software Defined Networks Architecture – MS in NS3
Using YANG for the dissemination of the Traffic Engineering Database within software defined Elastic Optical Networks – MS in NS3
GSM to UMTS Network Handover Vulnerability Testing Using Software-Defined Radio – MS in NS3
A Framework for Implementation of Wireless Body Area Network over Software Defined Radios – MS in NS3
Flexible Availability-Aware Differentiated Protection in Software-Defined Elastic Optical Networks – MS in NS3
Design and implementation of a software defined radio based OFDMA network – MS in NS3
A network-based host identifier locator separating protocol in software-defined networks – MS in NS3
WAN as a service for cloud via software-defined network and open APIs – MS in NS3
Dynamic Analysis of Application Delivery Network for Leveraging Software Defined Infrastructures – MS in NS3
Dynamic network configuration and Virtual management protocol for open switch in cloud environment – MS in NS3
Towards controller-aided multimedia dissemination in Named Data Networking – MS in NS3
OpenFlow and GMPLS unified control planes: Testbed implementation and comparative study – MS in NS3
CloudSimSDN: Modeling and Simulation of Software-Defined Cloud Data Centers – MS in NS3
Introducing wireless access programmability using software-defined infrastructure – MS in NS3
Orchestrating Bulk Data Transfers across Geo-Distributed Datacenters – MS in NS3
QCN Based Dynamically Load Balancing: QCN Weighted Flow Queue Ranking – MS in NS3
Transport Abstraction Models for an SDN-Controlled Centralized RAN – MS in NS3
Telecom grade cloud computing: Challenges and opportunities – MS in NS3
Reconfigurable Wireless Networks – MS in NS3
2015 IEEE MS in NS3