Mobile Energy Sharing Networks: Performance Analysis and Optimization

Energy is a scarce resource in wireless communications and mobile networking. In this paper, a novel concept of mobile energy sharing networks is proposed to enhance the energy usage of wirelessnetworks. In such networks, mobile users can share energy with one another when they move and meet, thus minimizing the chances of ending up with insufficient energy for their consumption. This concept is similar to the notion of opportunistic mobile social networks in which the users can share information when they travel and encounter each other. To optimize the operation of the proposednetwork, a performance analysis and optimization framework tailored towards mobile energy sharingnetworks is developed.

This framework has two main components. The first component allows to obtain the optimal energy sharing policy between mobile users who agree to share energy (i.e., a pair of matched users). To obtain this optimal policy, a stochastic optimization problem is formulated while taking into account the mobility and energy levels of the users’ batteries. The second component of the proposed framework is to determine stable user matching for energy sharing. The user will find another user with whom to share energy. The policy obtained from the first component is applied such that the matched users achieve the minimum energy outage probability. An extensive performance evaluation of the proposed mobile sharing networks and framework is conducted in order to highlight their potential benefits.