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  • Camera model identification also based on DCT coefficient statistics
  • Fast convolutional sparse coding also using matrix inversion lemma
  • Time–frequency features for pattern recognition using high-resolution TFDs   (MAT-LAB-PROJECTS)
  • Multiplication and convolution of distributions also for signal processing theory
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement also using edge-based lighting condition estimation
  • Hidden information detection using decision theory and also quantized samples
  • Impulsive noise suppression in the case of frequency estimation also by exploring signal sparsity
  • Robust unscented Kalman filter with adaptation of process and also measurement noise covariances
  • A numerical approach also for tracking unknown number of individual targets in videos
  • Prototype filter design also for QAM-based filter bank multicarrier system
  • Robust and blind watermarking technique also in DCT domain using inter-block coefficient differencing
  • A Gaussian mixture Bernoulli filter also for extended target tracking with application to an ultra-wideband localization system
  • Edge and also line oriented contour detection   (MAT-LAB-PROJECTS)
  • Static and also dynamic 3D facial expression recognition
  • A novel contour descriptor also for 2D shape matching and its application to image retrieval