MANET Thesis

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In-depth Junctures of Thesis Writing

  • Assemble your thesis necessities
  • Chapters Enlisting
  • Flawless introduction
  • Literature survey
  • Result discussion
  • Vibrant implementation description
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  • Result statistics
  • Conclusion
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  • Referencing

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Finest Topics Involved in MANET Thesis

  • Q-learning based routing protocol
  • Reputation based source routing protocol
  • Congestion control in NDN-MANET
  • Energy based routing in Cloud-MANET
  • Obstacle detection
  • Link failure detection
  • Fine grained analysis
  • Self union based clustering

Emerging Focuses under Security

  • Pre-authentication based inter handover
  • Machine learning based anomaly detection
  • Homomorphism based authentication
  • Lightweight cryptography authentication
  • Markov chain based certification evaluation
  • Multiple key management scheme
  • Information security risk assessment
  • Cluster based certificate revocation

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