Is Ns3 Available Windows 10

                Unquestionably, ns3 is functional in windows 10 and this article is about the depiction of the functions of ns3 in windows 10.

Step: 1 Download VMware Workstation

                 As the first process, we have to download VMware workstation for windows 10 through the below mentioned URL.


URL to Download VMware Workstation

Step: 2 Download Ubuntu – 18.04.4

             Then, Ubuntu has to be downloaded in the LTS Desktop ISO file through the below mentioned link. Following that, Ubuntu in VMware player has to be installed.


Step: 3 Download Ns-3.29

              Consequently, we have to download the ns-allinone 3.29 package using the below mentioned URL.


Download Ns-3.29

Step: 4 Ns3 Installation

             Finally, we have to change the ns-3 directory through the implementation of the following commands and that is deployed for the configuration process.

cd ns-allinone-3.29/ns3.29
./waf configure --enable-examples --enable-tests

                    Spontaneously, we have to execute the below mentioned commands to install the ns3 packages.

./waf build

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