Is it Possible to Emulate IoT Devices

         In general, this article is about the depiction of the process of emulating the IoT devices through the guidance of our research experts.

Emulate IoT Using Cooja

        Cooja is denoted as a Contiki network emulator and it is an extensible Java based simulator which is capable of emulating Tmote Sky nodes. In addition, we have highlighted the protocols that are deployed to emulate the IoT devices using Cooja.

  • Routing protocol for low power and lossy networks (RPL)
  • Least interference beaconing protocol (LIBP)

IoT Device Emulation Based on LIBP using Cooja

         LIBP is used to extend the beaconing process widely over collection protocols with load balancing to enhance the ubiquitous sensor network (USN) energy efficiency. We have to emulate the IoT devices using Cooja along with the configuration of radio channel = 26 and channel check rate = 8 Hz. To emulate the IoT devices using Cooja in Contiki and implement the below mentioned commands,

cd contiki/tools/cooja

ant run_bigmem

Start Cooja in Contiki

           Following that, we have to perform the emulation through creating a new network with Tmote Sky nodes.

         Finally, we acquire the result which is highlighted in the following over the performance of IoT device emulation.

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