How Install Ns3 on Windows

         In general, this article is about the depiction of the process of installing the network simulator 3 in windows through the guidance of our research experts.

Download and Install Cygwin

        To begin with, we have to download the setup files through the below mentioned link,


Download Cygwin

     In addition, we have to start the Cygwin window to execute the process of installation as highlighted in the below image.

Download ns-3-30.1

            The ns3 packages are downloaded through the utilization of below mentioned link, and it is saved to the file namely, “{System Root}/cygwin/home/hostname”.

Install ns-allinone-3.30.1

        Here, we have to install the ns-allinone-3.30.1 package through changing the location and it is stored in the home drive location through the implementation of commands.

cd ns-allinone-3.30.1

./ —enable-examples –enable-tests

Configuration of ns-allinone-3.30.1

          Then, we have to configure the package through commands mentioned below,

cd ns-allinone-3.30.1/ns-3.30.1

./waf –build-profile=debug –enable-examples –enable-tests configure



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