GNs3 Network Simulator

            The network simulator GNs3 is the graphical interface for the dynagen and dynamips and it is permitting the users to analyze the multi-vendor interoperability through the usage of virtual lab environment with the requirement of physical equipment detection. In addition, the GNs3 is capable to process the client server applications.

           Let’s start this research article GNs3 network simulator with the highlights of whys and wherefores based on the utilization of GNs3 in the following.

Reasons to Use GNs3

  • The adapted labs and topologies along with GNs3 in the network for the certification training
  • GNs3 is denoted as the finest study tool to aspire the network professional seeking with the certification process
  • Connect GNs3 to real time network
  • It is deployed to control the accessible hardware to expand the existing lab through connecting the GNs3 topologies
  • Creation of dynamic network maps to proceed the proof of concept and troubleshoot the testing
  • It is used to test the networks to generate the process with reduction of and it receives some network production for the function
  • Several test network vendors in risk free virtual environment
  • It is processing as the rapid process and used to test various hardware vendors without the hardware requirements
  • Real time network simulation for pre development testing without the network hardware requirements
  • OS is functioning for the emulation of real characteristics of network hardware

        In the following, our research professionals have listed out the substantial software dependencies used in the process of GNs3 installation process along with its significance. So, let’s take a look into the key notes based on GNs3 installation process.

Software Dependencies for GNs3 Installation

        In general, the PyQt5 is functioning in both the linux installable and the distribution process over the PyPi. While GNs3 GUI is installing the python dependencies are automatically installed for the process. In addition, it is deployed to connect the nodes with the requirement and utilization of telnet client and telnet. The telnet program for linux is denoted as the terminal emulator such as console plus, gnome terminal and xterm. Additionally, the GUI is connected with nodes and it is requiring the VNC client and that is optionally considered as the SPICE client which is deployed in the Quem nodes. The processes of packet capturing in GNs3 have to include the installation of wireshark.

Basic Commands which can be used in GNs3

        When the CLI based on the Cisco router is gained the user have to utilize the commands based on CLI and that is deployed to configure the selected network topology. Additionally, our research experts in GNs3 network simulator have enlisted the fundamental commands that are functional in the Cisco router in the following.

  • Assigning an IP address of an interface
  • During the process, the user have to assign the IP address to get the communication along with other network devices such as end devices, switches and routers and it is capable to assign the IP address in the configuration mode and the users can follow the below mentioned commands while assigning the IP address during interface                                                    
  • GNS3Network#configure terminal
  • GNS3Network(config)#interface FastEthernet 0/0
  • GNS3Network(config-if)#ip address
  • GNS3Network(config-if)#no shutdown
  • Changing the hostname of router
  • As the default process the hostname of router is R (1) and R (2) in the GNs3 process. When the user is taking more than one router and it will be gradually increased by the numbers of routers that have been taken and the following is about the commands that are utilized in the alteration of the hostname of routers with the utilization of CLI
  • R1#configure terminal
  • R1(config)#hostname GNS3Network
  • GNS3Network(config)#end
  • To know router interfaces
  • The users can view the total number of interfaces in router through the command that is mentioned below and through this the user will receive the information about all the interfaces
  • show IP interface brief

Importing Cisco IOU Image in GNs3

        The users have to begin with the requirements of Cisco IOU switch image along with the license that is provided through the Cisco and the IOU switches are added to import the IOU switch image to the GNs3 and that is processing through the steps that are highlighted in the following.

  • Open GNs3 network simulator
  • Move on to the edit >> preference
  • Click the IOS in UNIX and to enter the license that is valid
  • Next, click on the new and to browse the IOU image
  • Finally, name the switch and click the finish

GNs3 Connect with Internet

         Hereby, we have enlisted the significant steps that are included in the process of connecting the internet.

  • Step 1 – User have to set up the loopback adapter
  • Just click on the start button of the computer
  • Right click the computer and click the device manager in the dialogue box
  • Right click on the personal computer name
  • Select the second tab to install the hardware that is to select the list of advancements
  • Click next
  • Select network adapters
  • Select Microsoft in the dialogue box
  • Select the Microsoft loopback adapter
  • Click next and finish
  • The user have to reset the computer to take effects
  • Step 2 – Open the network to share the window
  • Click on the change adapter settings and select the adapter along with the internet connections
  • Right click the adapter and click properties in the dialogue box and to share the tab
  • Select the network adapter to share the internet
  • Finally, confirm the IP address that is assigned with the loopback adapters and that is required for the configuration of router interface to connect the cloud
  • Step 3 – Go to GNs3
  • Drag and drop the cloud image
  • Right click on cloud
  • NIO Ethernets are selected from tab tree
  • Loopback adapter is selected
  • Click and add on
  • Click ok

        While completing the GNs3 process, it is considered as the fully connected process with the internet through the loopback process in the network adapter. Then, the users have to configure the router interface and for the default route process.

Networking Projects in GNs3

        In general, the networking projects are capable to functions based on Cisco packet tracer and GNs3. We are functioning with several numbers of projects and they are deployed for the academic spectrum. It is deployed in both the major and minor projects based on electronics and communications engineering, information technology and computer science engineering. In addition, our research professionals have enlisted the significant list of networking projects such as.

  • Local area network design
  • 3 layer hierarchical model
  • Company area network design
  • Campus area network design
  • Hospital area network design

        Hereby, we have delivered the innovative research topics in GNs3 network simulator for your reference. In addition, we provide the complete research assistance for the research scholars in their research area so the research scholars can contact us.

Thesis Titles in GNs3 Network Simulator

  • Detecting future generations of targeted and metamorphic malware based on genetic algorithm
  • Virtual controller interface device for hardware in the loop simulation of traffic signals
  • Internet of things simulation platform based on open stack and container technology
  • Investigation of quantum algorithms for face detection and recognition using a quantum neural network
  • Design and evaluation of a risk aware failure identification scheme for improved RAS in erasure coded data centers

          We hope that you received the clear understanding about the process of research projects based on GNs3 network simulator. In addition, our teams of experts are creating more ideas in GNs3 network simulator for your ease. Therefore, we are willing to assist you to produce excellent research project topic in GNs3 network simulator for your PhD research within the stipulated time period. So, the research scholars can contact us for the other information about the topical list of research topics in GNs3 network simulator.