Flexible Availability-Aware Differentiated Protection in Software-Defined Elastic Optical Networks

Availability-aware service provisioning tries to satisfy the availability requirements of clients on demand and can improve the resource efficiency in optical networks. This paper studies the problem of flexible availability-aware differentiated protection (ADP) in elastic optical networks (EONs). We first consider the unique features in EONs, e.g., flexible spectrum allocation and bandwidth-squeezed protection, describe the problem of ADP, and present a theoretical analysis on service availability. Then, we develop an ADP algorithm that can change the path protection scheme to adapt to different service availability requirements.

An availability-aware backup reprovisioning (ABR) strategy is also proposed as a supplement of the ADP algorithm to further improve the protection efficiency. We also discuss the system design for OpenFlow-based softwaredefined EON (SD-EON) framework to facilitate the ADP scheme. Finally, to demonstrate the overall design, we construct an SDEON control plane testbed that consists of 14 stand-alone nodes, implement the proposed algorithms in the OpenFlow controller, and perform experiments to evaluate their performance. The results indicate that the system performs well and the proposed algorithms can reduce blocking probability effectively without sacrificing the service availability of requests.