Ensuring privacy in opportunistic networks using dynamic clustering

Opportunistic networks are type of challenged mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). In Opportunistic Networks (OppNets), mobile devices send out the messages by exploiting the unswerving contacts, without the requisite of an end-to-end communications. In such a system, nodes are sporadic and there does not subsist an ample path from source to destination customarily.

The message forwarding in such a network is a strenuous problem and is based on the hypothesis that users are willing to forward messages to each other but this assumption does not hold true always due to privacy as user’s location may be leaked. To boot, the path can also be exceedingly unstable and may vary or shatter swiftly. So in line to craft communication doable in an opportunistic network, the intermediate nodes may take incarceration of data during the collapse and redirect it when the connectivity resumes.