Dynamic network configuration and Virtual management protocol for open switch in cloud environment

Cloud data center have to accommodate many users with isolated and independent networks in the distributed environment to support multi-tenant network and integrity. User applications are stored separately in virtual network. To support huge network traffic data center networks require software to change physically connected devices into virtual networks. Software defined networking is a new paradigm allows networks easily programmable that helps in controlling and managing virtual networkdevices. Flow decisions are made based upon real-time analysis of network consumption statistics withsoftware defined networking.

Managing these virtual networks is the real challenge for the networkadministrators. In this paper, we propose a novel network management approach between the controller and virtual switches and provide QoS of virtual LAN in the distributed cloud environment. This approach provides a protocol to deploy in Cloud Data center network environments using OpenFlow architecture in switches. Our approach delivers two different features, dynamic network configuration and Virtual management protocol between controller and open vswitch. This technique is very useful for cloud network administrators to provide better network services in cloud data center to multi-tenant users quickly.