Download Ns3 for Windows 10

             Let’s start this article “download Ns3 for windows 10” with some tips to download the Ns3 to acquire the finest result while implementing the process with the guidance of our well knowledgeable research professionals.

Step: 1 Download Cygwin

        Firstly, we have to download the Cygwin package for the windows 10 through the URL that is highlighted below,


Download Cygwin

Step: 2 Download Ns3 Package

         Consequently, the required Ns3 versions have to be downloaded through the URL “”. When it is downloaded it has to be saved as the file in the location of windows 10 based system that is highlighted below.

        “{System Root}/cygwin/home/{your-username}”

Step: 3 Start Cygwin

         Finally, we have to start the Cygwin which is downloaded in the first step for that we have to type the following command in the Cygwin prompt window to unpack the Ns3 archive for the utilization process.

tar xvf ns-allinone-3.33.tar.bz2

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