Cybersecurity is a vast research domain that focuses on system and data protection against unauthorized user access or other criminal activities. These mechanisms are used in cybersecurity, which is intended to fix hardware faults, unplanned physical components, radiation, software errors, and more. In Cyber Security Master Thesis, we design the effective model to assess the affected systems/hosts along with their respective mitigations.

Our globally spread technical professionals have years of experience in performing challenging cybersecurity research and development. So, we are adept at tackling any level of a complex problem. At present, our experts are in research to answer the following questions. We are under cybersecurity research to determine:          

  • By what means, a network will resist or avoid the malicious activities
  • Which optimal techniques increase the efficiency of the system in implementation
  • What is the role of proposed model in achieving secure system development  
  • In what manner, a slight topology variation affect the network (performance, security, usability)

Next, we can see the impact of cybersecurity in real-world developments. Nowadays, everything is maintained in a digital format. Also, all these records are transmitted in the wireless communication channel among multi-users.

This article mainly highlights the importance of the Cyber Security Master Thesis with their current research updates!!!

 So, cybersecurity is rooted in many applications to ensure safety regardless of field. For your information, we have given a few of them below,

Cyber Security Master Thesis Guidance

Real-Time Applications of Cyber Security

  • Efficient Technologies for Network Hardening
  • Network Observation and Inspection for Guaranteed Security
  • Security Parameters Assessment in Realistic Network

Now, we can see the evolving security attacks in cyber systems. These attacks are common, and still looking for better prevention and defensive solutions. Our research team has framed numerous Cyber Security Master Thesis with effective techniques from various aspects. We have solutions not only for these attacks but also for other newly growing attacks.

Emerging Cyber Attacks

  • Bespoke ttack – Attack the particular function rather than controlling the whole network. For instance: steal the specific user records
  • Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks – A person overhear the information of original user without his / her knowledge in the time of data exchanges
  • Memory-scraping malware attack – Suspicious activity occur at the point-of-sale model
  • Google Glass and Spying attack – Trace thebiometric data of the user for identity theft. For instance: obtain the fingerprint data through touch pad

Our research team is currently undergoing deep research on cybersecurity key areas to find solutions for unanswered research issues. From this study, we have grabbed certain areas that need to concentrate on present research to formulate innovative wireless thesis ideas. Below, we have specified a couple of research ideas with their research subject and appropriate answer.

Research Ideas in Cyber Security

  • Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN)
    • Specific Problem: In this, the attackers enter into to the system through “MiMattacks” attack. This kind of attack targets the relay nodes of network by breaking the cryptographic techniques (encryption).
    • Answer: Divide the data into multiple chunks and encode them with strong cryptographic technique. Then pass those chucks in multiple protocols and merge them at the receiver end. 
  • Future Data Breach Recognition
    • Subject: In this, the attackers enter into to the system through “zero-day” attack. Then, create the own position and trace the network data for mining process. Basically, it takes place for certain period of time. For instance: steal sensitive data like bank account passwords
    • Answer: Utilize machine learning approaches for studying the network behavior

Now, we can see few important research areas of cybersecurity with their research issue and solving solutions.

  • Early Warning System
    • Issue: Weak and highly susceptible servers / applications has the threat of hacking
    • Key solution: Develop advance prediction technique and algorithm for forecasting the hacking possibilities
  • IoT aided Smart Grid
    • Issue: Security threats over the smart meters / devices in the critical environment
    • Key solution: Utilize secure protocols and implement robust security techniques
  • Active Defensive Actions
    • Issue: Enormous growth of criminal activities
    • Key solution: Improved technologies to detect and prevent the attacks created by external attackers
  • Cloud based Security
    • Issue: Conventional inefficient security mechanisms and insecure firewalls over cloud and based BYODs system
    • Key solution: Monitor the network and integrate SAML (encryption) with IDS to recover the network control

Generally, web-based data transmission has increased the risk of security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. So, the privacy of the information is needed to be assured through effective techniques. This demand is majorly satisfied by cybersecurity-enabling technologies. Here, we have given you first-prioritized cybersecurity technologies for your awareness.

Top 5 Cyber Security Technologies

  • Analytics of Network Behavior
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (User / Device)
  • Blockchain Security
  • Zero-Trust based Prototype
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning (ML / DL) Algorithms

At the moment, the development of new cybersecurity methods or protocols depends on the following two major aspects. One is creating the security rules/strategies, and the other is interpreting the network behavior/performance in deployed environs.

  • Environment
    • Propose appropriate naming agreements for tasks in the network
    • Track and analyze the tasks belonging to specific application
  • Policies
    • Differentiate the normal and abnormal network
    • Emphasis on Zero-Trust based Prototype
    • Limitation: Tough to develop and manage policies for large-scale network

Further, AI (Artificial Intelligence) also plays a major role in improving the security of the whole network/system. By the by, it incorporates the learning approaches for network pattern identification. Also, it helps to improve the security norms in crafting novel cyber security master thesis. Now, we can see primary security models used in the cybersecurity system.

What are the major cyber security models?

Attack Graph

  • Attack Scenario and Execution Graph
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Attack Graph
  • Graph for Compromise and Countermeasure
  • Graph for Logical Attack
  • Multi-Prerequisite Graph
  • Graph of Security Argument
  • Incremental Flow and Conservative Attack Graph
  • Topological Weakness Inspection

Attack Tree

  • Defense Attack Tree
  • Response and Fault Attack Tree
  • Tree for Ordered Weighted Averaging
  • Attack Countermeasure and Protection Tree

            For your information, here we have given you the latest research ideas of cybersecurity applications/services. These ideas are identified as primary topics in the current research direction in preparing cyber security master thesis. To a great extent, we also support all other cybersecurity-related areas.

Innovative Cyber Security Master Thesis Guidance

What are current trending Research Topics in cyber security Master Thesis?

  • New Developments in Data Privacy Mechanism
  • Ransomware Attack Detection and Prevention
  • Enhanced Multi-factor User Verification
  • Risk Assessment of Remote located Data
  • Security Threat in Large-Scale Cloud Services
  • Smart Preventive Measures for Social Engineering Attacks
  • Emerging Technologies in IoT-Cybersecurity

In addition, we have also given you expected future research directions. These areas are in the research stage to rule the future cybersecurity technologies. If you need more details on both current and future cyber security technologies, then approach us.

Future Research Directions in Cyber Security

  • Upgraded Decentralized System – Assure the improvements in all aspects of cybersecurity such as design/implementation of sensor and communication technologies. Further, it also includes the management mechanism. On the whole, it combines all these enhancements with filed devices for advanced grid process.
  • Customized Security Technologies – This creates the new standards in following aspects,
    • Developing energy-aware system 
    • Custom based website for in-home presentation
    • Advance design of Sensors / hardware (programmable communication)
    • And many more
  • Correlation Identification in Cybercrime – Build the prototype which has capability to detect and measure the relations in cyber-criminal actions
  • Other Future research scope 
    • Advance Cryptography
    • Information security
    • Fault Tolerant Hardware Implant
    • Trust based application / framework
    • Quick Response System in Cybersecurity
    • Cyber Vulnerabilities Control

So far, we have seen about the cybersecurity attacks, models, applications, research areas, and ideas. Now, we can see the significant facts about the cybersecurity master thesis. As a matter of fact, “master thesis exhibits your original research work in the chain of valuable words for the purpose of documentation. Every scholar will prepare the thesis at the end of the research and development phase. It has certain chronological order to write the thesis which is segmented as following chapters”.

Cyber Security Master’s Thesis Writing Guidelines

  • Introduction – Describe known and unknown information
  • Methodologies – Describe in what way we solved the problem
  • Experimental Results – Describe what we obtained at and of analysis
  • Result Discussion – Describe evidences to accept the result and known information

What is expected from a master’s thesis?  

Now, we can see what we accomplish from the master thesis. The main objective of the Cyber Security Master Thesis is to improve the abilities to conduct research in the following phases,   

  • Have basic context info of the interested research area
  • Have an awareness on proposing research problem
  • Ability to perform thorough literature review on specific topic
  • Handpick the unsolved question
  • Carry out investigation by proposed solutions
  • Prepare and submit the master thesis  

In actual fact, our native writer team focuses on the following points to fine-tune your cyber security thesis for achieving the best thesis.  By the by, we follow this guideline from the beginning of the thesis writing itself till the thesis submission.

  • Ensure to maintain the well-organized format
  • Exhibit the technical research skill of the scholar
  • Point out the research problem clearly with known facts
  • Showcase the research aim and proposed methodologies
  • Pinpoint the important keywords in the methodologies
  • Identify what result actually means at end of discussion
  • Suggest the future research scope

Last but not least, we guarantee you top-quality research service in the cyber security master thesis research field. So, make the right decision to choose us for attaining the best research outcome in your career.