CloudSimSDN: Modeling and Simulation of Software-Defined Cloud Data Centers

Software-Defined Networking not only addresses the shortcoming of traditional network technologies in dealing with frequent and immediate changes in cloud data centers but also made network resource management open and innovation-friendly. To further accelerate the innovation pace, accessible and easy-to-learn testbeds are required which estimate and measure the performance of network and host capacity provisioning approaches simultaneously within a data center. This is a challenging task and is often costly if accomplished in a physical environment.

Thus, a lightweight and scalable simulation environment is necessary to evaluate the network allocation capacity policies while avoiding such a complicated and expensive facility.This paper introduces CloudSimSDN, a simulation framework for SDN-enabled cloud environments based on CloudSim. This paper develops and presents the overall architecture and features of the framework and provides several use cases. Moreover, we empirically validate the accuracy and effectiveness of CloudSimSDN through a number of simulations of a cloud-based three-tier web application.