Can We Simulate IoT

        Of course, all of us can simulate IoT along with the guidance of our expertise. In general, our technical experts have provided the best research assistance for the research scholars.

OMNeT++ Code for Simulate IoT

        IoT is simulated based process using OMNeT++, we have to create the configure file along with the file extension of .ini.

Configuration File

Following the creation of configuration file, we have to create the network file along with the extension of .ned.

Simulate IoT Using OMNeT++

            The OMNeT++ packages are implemented to simulate IoT device based simulation. We have to right click the project package to execute the simulation and selecting run as and OMNeT++ simulation.

Run the Simulation

In addition, we have to select the name of the configuration to simulate IoT using OMNeT++.

Select the Configuration Name

              As an addition note, we have highlighted the result that is acquired through the IoT based simulation.

IoT Based Simulation Result

Performance Metrics Used in IoT Simulation

      Finally, we have enlisted the performance metrics that are used to calculate the IoT simulation execution using OMNeT++.

  • Communication overhead
  • Route acquisition delay
  • Packet reception ratio
  • Channel utilization
  • Battery life of IoT sensor nodes

       If you people have any queries, you guys can reach us at time to clarify your doubts based on IoT simulation.