BIG DATA PROJECTS is the foremost serving confers on among with us in support of the youthful and active scholars to get done their research through inventive triumph. We encompass a collection of superintendent effectual through us to conduct the adolescent and succeed sense.


  • A Novel approach process on the Scalable DBSCAN Algorithm based on Spark.
  • A novel technology to identify the deceleration characteristics of an older driver based on the Big data analytics.
  • A Read-Optimized Index Structure used for the Distributed Log-Structured Key-Value Store.
  • The Integration of the Big Data technologies used for the human centric wellness data based on Big Data service engine.   (BIG-DATA- PROJECTS)
  • A novel approach for the process of Multidimensional distributed opinion extraction used for sentiment analysis.
  • An efficient performance of virtualized processing of big earth data based on the  Architectural solution.
  • A framework process to handle data heterogeneity contextual used to perform the process on medical big data.
  • An efficient usage of big data analytics used for the Real time monitoring and analysis of available bandwidth process in the cellular network.
  • The BIG DATA infrastructures process for the pharmaceutical research performance.
  • A novel technology process on Data Input and Output Performance Comparison of MongoDB and PostgreSQL performance in the Big Data Environment.
  • The process of Big Data Analytics by using the Public Cloud Infrastructure based on the use Cases and Cost Economics.   (BIG-DATA- PROJECTS)
  • An efficient performance of Hadoop MapReduce based on the TaskTracker Aware Scheduling.
  • A novel approach Big Data Caller Detail Record Analyzer used for the Near Real Time Telecom Promotions.
  • The Data mining and sharing tool used for the performance of the high content screening large scale biological image data.
  • The performance of the Knowledge Service Project process in the Era of Big Data.