B Tech Projects in NS3 Simulation

NS3 Simulation Projects for B.Tech students

B Tech Projects in NS3 Simulation is an efficient network simulation tool for various network and applications. We use NS3 to simulate various network models by C++ language. We offer B.Tech projects in NS3 simulation covers various routing protocol & security based application designed for final year projects. We develop NS3 projects with tool command language and scripting. We design simple opportunistic and multiple opportunistic based protocols by NS3 simulation. We ensure NS3 with various traffic generators for application evaluation. We analyze various network protocol performances with number of nodes & provide experimental results by graph tool in NS3 simulation for B.TECH students.

B.Tech Projects in NS3 simulation

Utility based opportunistic routing:

We provide this routing to generate successful delivery of data packets. We select optimal route based on benefit value one path failure can create retransmission by alternate paths.

Geographic opportunistic routing:

We evaluate this routing by one hop throughput metric we create local metric with expected one hop throughput by geographic routing. By using the performance of EOT/ expected one hop throughput/ local candidate selection & prioritization algorithm is developed.

Greedy perimeter stateless routing:

By GPSR, we create forward decision by using gathered information from immediate neighbors in network topologies. We use GPSR to create location based application effectively with less energy consumption we add location registration and lookup traffic into location database.

Opportunistic routing:

We provide opportunistic routing which uses broadcast to select relay node as forwarded at each hop in highly dynamic environment. We categorize neighboring node with metrics such as link stability, distance from source and destination and connectivity degree. We select node with highest priority as best forwarded & specify with next hop packet field when packets are broadcast to nodes other than best forwarder it received by eaves dropper.

Simple opportunistic adaptive routing protocol:

We implement SOAR (simple opportunistic adaptive routing) protocol an  proactive link state routing protocol from ACM paper, In this protocol, every node periodically measure & disseminate link quality with respect to expected transmission count (ETX) based on gathered information source node select default path & forward nodes. By this protocol, we attain high throughput we drain node energy by periodic measurement and link quality.

B.Tech Projects in NS3 simulation

Extremely opportunistic routing protocol:

We integrated extremely opportunistic routing protocol and MAC protocol which enhance throughput of large unicast transfer in multihop wireless network. We developed more than 80+ projects with this protocol in multihop wireless network. By this protocol, we select each hop packet route after transmission completed for each hop. During packet transmission it eradicate interference occur from other users. We use geographic routing to explore one hop neighbor to geographic information. This information helps to approach and eventually reach destination in hop by hop manner.