Wearables/IOT devices: Challenges and solutions to integration of miniature antennas in close proximity to the human body

In this paper, we discuss three challenges associated with antenna integration in platforms such as wearables and IoT. We explore the use PCB-integrated antenna designs in place of chip antennas, and the sensitivity of antenna radiation efficiency to hand model proximity as in a smartwatch usage scenario. Finally we showcase, using an active card reader, […]

An Investigation Into the Use of Orthogonal Winding in Loosely Coupled Link for Improving Power Transfer Efficiency Under Coil Misalignment

It is sometimes unavoidable to use loosely coupled coils in applications, like biomedical devices, for transferring electric energy wirelessly. However, coil misalignment causes degradation of the power transfer efficiency. It is well known that the power transfer efficiency of classical parallel coils is primarily determined by the quality factors of the coils and the coupling […]

Jamming Detection of Smartphones for WiFi Signals

In this paper, we investigate the impact of jamming attacks on the performance of smartphones regarding their WiFi access and propose a real-time jamming detection method based on the received signal strength indicator and the packet loss rate of WiFi signals, which can be easily implemented on Android smartphones. Experiments are performed to evaluate the […]

The ZVS voltage-mode class-D amplifier, an eGaN® FET-enabled topology for highly resonant wireless energy transfer

The popularity of highly resonant, loosely coupled, wireless energy transfer systems operating at 6.78 MHz has increased dramatically over the last few years. In this paper we present the zero voltage switching (ZVS) voltage mode class D amplifier topology and evaluate its performance as a suitable A4WP Class-3 compliant amplifier using eGaN FETs and compare the performance […]

Tackling the Increased Density of 5G Networks: The CROWD Approach

The significant growth in mobile data traffic and the ever- increasing user’s demand for high-speed, always connected networks continue challenging network providers and lead research towards solutions to enable faster, scalable and more flexible networks. In this paper we present the CROWD approach, a networking framework providing mechanisms to tackle the high densification and heterogeneity […]

Implementation of CPML for One-Step Leapfrog WCS-FDTD Method

In this letter, the convolutional perfectly matched layer (CPML) is modified and implemented for one-step leapfrog weakly conditionally stable finite-difference time-domain (WCS-FDTD) method. Since the WCS-FDTD method can be considered as an approximate factorization of the Crank—Nicolson scheme, the derived equations of CPML involve the calculation of auxiliary terms at two time steps which are […]

Antenna in LTCC Technologies: A Review and the Current State of the Art

This paper presents a chronological review of the research carried out on antennas in low-temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) technology over the last ten years or so. Major breakthroughs in LTCC technologies and its shortcomings are highlighted. The current state of the art of LTCC-technology-based antennas is then evaluated. All realizable features of the LTCC-based antennas, […]

Body Electric: Wireless Power Transfer for Implant Applications

The electrical properties of biological cells, tissues, and organs studied in electrophysiology not only provide information about the normal/abnormal activities of human bodies but also provide a means to directly restore, repair, replace, or recreate physiological functions in humans to improve quality of life. For example, cardiac pacemakers, implanted in millions of patients, deliver electrical […]

Comparing nape vs. T4 placement for a mobile Wireless Gait Analysis sensor using the Dynamic Gait Index test

A comprehensive and quantified gait analysis is warranted for patients with balance disorders to prevent injury such as falls. We report here a custom-designed wireless-gait-analysis-sensor (WGAS) to perform functional gait analysis targeted for clinically evaluating balance disorders. We report here our first efforts to determine the optimal placements of the WGAS in normal subjects for movement […]

Planar 71–76 GHz laminate integration platform for connecting millimeter wave photodiodes to WR-12 waveguides

Here, a millimeter wave photodiode (mm-wave PD) integration platform for development of high-power Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) wireless photonic transmitters (PTs) is presented. The platform features a novel planar bias-tee network design making use of a single quarter-wave coupled-line (CL) technique and two slotted split-ring resonators (SRRs) integrated in the DC bias line. The introduced bias-tee network enables proper […]