Analysis of trust dynamics in cyclic mobile: Ad hoc networks

Mobile Adhoc networks are gaining popularity in today’s dynamic environment. These are characterized by high mobility, infrastructureless, self organizing, quick deployability and resource constrained networks. The network depends on cooperation among nodes for any communication. High mobility and dynamic architecture of mobile adhoc network make it vulnerable to security issues. Trust plays an important role for reliable and secured routing. To deal with the security issues in MANETS various trust models, reputation models and improved routing protocols are there but very less focus is given to the mobility pattern and dynamics of trust.

In this paper, we modified the existing AODV routing protocol incorporating the trust dynamics and load balancing to deal with congestion and ensure secure routing in cyclic mobile Adhoc network. Fair Initialization and management of trust values is also considered during designing of this paper. The simulation is done using simulator NS2. Proposed work shows improvement over standard AODV protocol in terms of various network performance parameters.