Adaptive ubiquitous mobile gaming system for youth obesity rehabilitation

Obesity is one of the rise and among the top health risk factors in the world affecting people of all ages. It can lead to many problems including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, functional limitations, and disabilities which adversely affect the social and physical abilities of the obese person in daily affairs. While the rising trend of obesity in adults is a serious problem, the rise of obesity in youths is even more severe. Various recent studies have indicated that youth obesity has become so widespread that, if left unaddressed, it would have severe implications on the society health, productivity, and economy.

This paper proposes a multiplayer ubiquitous gaming system which unveil the hidden potential within obese youth and improve their skills and physical activities and get them healthy. This is intended to be done through the use of mobile wireless sensors, to provide real time monitoring of the patient bio signals and to suggest suitable actions in terms of physical activity. The system is aimed to engage and encourage youth, particularly in the State of Qatar, in their obesity rehabilitation process, increase their social activities, and help them get healthy in an entertaining way while reinforcing positive exercise habits.