A review on Big Data and its security

Big data as name implies that data that’s in large as nature, is known as big data. Big data is used to describe a large volume of structure way. Big Data concern large-amount, complex, growing data sets with multiple, autonomous sources, networking, data storage, and data collection capacity, These data are rapidly expanding in all science and engineering stream, including physical, biological and medical sciences. Different companies use different technologies to maintain the big data. But now, new technologies make it possible to appreciate value from Big Data. For instance, retailers can follow user web clicks to recognize behavioral trends that develop campaigns, and stock age.

Utilities can detain household energy convention levels to predict outages and to invent further efficient energy consumption. Government and still Google can distinguish and follow the emergence of bug outbreaks using social media signal. Gas and oil companies can receive the output of sensors in their drilling apparatus to make additional capable and safer drilling decisions. “Big Data” show data sets so huge and composite they are unreasonable to deal with conventional software tools. In this paper present an overview of big data’s substance, variety, simple, procedure, advantages and security challenges and maintains the big data and discusses privacy concern on it.