At NS3 tech, we offer various NS3 services, network simulation, research papers, conference publication and more. We understand Network simulation is not an easy one; it’s the process of creating network model in an imaginary way using simulation method. We create every network simulation projects with various new innovation ideas, techniques and algorithm. Ns3 tech is an individual center to implement Ns3 projects.  We specially designed an efficient team to implement Ns3 simulation. Ns3 tech creates a long term relationship with client by reaching their expectation and providing excellent service. Our expertise faculties are highly achieved with object oriented programming and 100 % guaranteed high coding standards and simulation and create documentation as professional.

Why for NS-3 Simulator Projects?

Accuracy – you get perfect results in every process.

Affordable – we provide you project with affordable cost.

Commitment– we are itself committed to provide fast and efficient services to client.

Profit– we collect information fast and efficiency which reduce the operating cost in our companies and hence project production got increased.

Reliable- our team members are faithfully dedicated to every projects and organization.

Our strength:

Great support: We support our customer to clarify doubts, requirement, explain about concept and help them to meet their process successfully within deadlines.

High quality:By our NS3 tech, we guarantee high quality output and customer satisfaction.

Less cost: More number of centers is offering projects as outsourcing and provides high cost. We offer less cost with more number of projects than other.

Quality assurance: We 100% guarantee you that when we do any work we will do right.  If you found any mistakes then correct it for free. We provide a 100% quality of services to all projects and all clients.

Speed process: Various group of technical lead members are provides and we worked under shift basis to complete the process in a fast manner. We provide rapid projects delivery which enhance our company to move forward in ahead of competition